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Our Focus And Mission

We partner with local florists to hand-craft floral arrangements available for delivery across Canada. By doing so, we support local florists. We've learned over the years that a bouquet isn't just a bunch of flowers. Behind every one is an emotion. A thoughtful message, some very best wishes, a heartfelt thank you or a declaration of love. It's the celebratory hug that says ‘You've got this', the little boost they need in the face of adversity.

Being the carrier of your emotion is an important job. And we promise you we don't take it lightly. That's why we go the extra mile to make it special. (You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you realise someone's thinking of you? That's exactly what we aim for. Every single time.)

We also know that it feels as good to give as it does to receive. The smile that crosses your face as you choose something you know they'll love, the rush as you click the order button and the anticipation on the day of delivery, waiting for that call/text to say a great big thank you.

That special moment of connection between you and them – you created that, and it feels good. We just had the privilege of helping to make it extra special.

And why do we do it? Helping you to share something real with the people you care about is what gives us life. And that's where our amazing local artisan florists come in. They put their passion, expertise and utmost care into each and every bouquet, knowing that they are going to help make someone's day just that little bit more wonderful.


You won't find our bouquets on a factory production line. No. Each one is hand-crafted to order. A truly one-of-a-kind gift created by a local florist. Masters of their craft, our florists are our resident heroes near you. They're the ones who hand-select the very best stems and skilfully arrange them by hand.


We don't like to brag but the beauty of our florist network is that we're able to offer the best and broadest delivery options. What does that mean for you? You can celebrate the moment, in the moment. It's also rather handy if a special occasion has crept up on you – no judgement here!


Never underestimate the importance of a doorstep delivery. We don't. Ready to WOW from the moment they open the door. You see, we don't believe in hiding our flowers away in cardboard boxes. We aim for impact each and every time. After all, if we haven't got the neighbours' blinds twitching then quite frankly we haven't done our job right!


We really do. We know that you're looking for the very best way to connect with someone you care about, to create a moment so special it lives on in their memory, long after the flowers have faded. ​We also know it all has to be perfect. Perfectly pretty, perfectly timed and perfectly delivered with every little detail considered.